Covid-19 continues to impact our work at Bethesda Help. At the beginning of the crisis, we were concerned about the availability of food and financial resources, as well as how to protect our clients and volunteers, but through teamwork, we found a way.  In 2020, during the first year of Covid-19, the number of food deliveries we made increased 82%, almost double, from the year before. And now, three years later, that increase in food deliveries has grown to 137% more than before the pandemic hit. Our ability to continue to provide food to our ever-growing client base is only possible due to the dedication and commitment of our supporters who continue to answer the call for food and financial donations.

Thank You to all our 2022 Supporters!

Businesses – These local businesses have supported us by sponsoring fundraisers or making financial donations. We thank them for their investment in helping our community.

Clark Construction, Bethesda, MD

Giant Food Store, Arlington Road, Bethesda, MD

Giant Food Store, Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, MD

Giant Food Store, Westbard Avenue, Bethesda, MD

InSite Builders & Remodeling,
Bethesda, MD 

Ledo’s Pizza, River Road, Bethesda, MD

LerchEarlyBrewer, Bethesda, MD

Levain Bakery,
Bethesda, MD

Lor Tush, Baltimore, MD

Westfield Montgomery, Bethesda, MD

The Nighthawks, Kensington, MD

The Ross Center,
Washington, DC

Organizations – With a commitment to serving the community, these groups support us by holding fundraisers, food drives, making financial contributions, and volunteering. Many of the churches and synagogues who support us have worked side-by-side with us since our start in 1968. Their commitment is steadfast and strong. We are fortunate to have all these organizations champion our mission.

Community Organizations

Foundations and Grants - Family foundations and our local county government support us with financial contributions and grants that ensure we are ready to meet the food and financial needs of the community. We are grateful for their ongoing support.

Individuals – Each one serves us with an eye to helping neighbors in need. Together they are a mighty force who provide support by sponsoring food drives and donating food and grocery cards to the pantry. We are thankful to them. 

Volunteers - The volunteers of Bethesda Help are at the heart of our mission. For more than 50 years their in-kind donation of countless hours working to serve those in need has been invaluable. Answering calls, delivering food, donating food to the pantry, holding food drives, and making financial donations are just some of the ways our volunteers provide support. They always go above and beyond and are always willing to lend a hand where needed. Volunteers are the heart of Bethesda Help. We appreciate all they do!

We are forever grateful to all our Supporters!

Is your business, congregation, organization, or foundation interested in learning how you can support us? Email us at or call us at 301-365-2022.