If you would like to volunteer or have questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact us at 301-365-2022 or via email at info@bethesdahelp.org.

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Bethesda Help is run entirely by volunteers, including individuals, families, businesses, scouts, schools, church groups, and community and professional organizations. Volunteers may work directly within Bethesda Help or organize food drives and other donation activities.

Volunteer Positions Currently Available

Bethesda Help provides training for all volunteer positions and accommodates each volunteer’s schedule and availability. Volunteers usually work one day a month, but it is possible to work less frequently as substitutes. All volunteers work out of their homes.

Officers of the Day:

Officers of the Day (ODs) respond to Bethesda-area clients who request an emergency food delivery, need financial assistance to prevent eviction or utility cut-off, or need assistance with paying for prescription medications. ODs work at least one day a month from their home or office and monitor the Bethesda Help secure phone line by calling in for messages several times during the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. ODs then return client calls to determine if they reside in our service area and if they are eligible for services. ODs provide referrals in cases where we cannot provide services.

ODs must have a cellphone or landline. Volunteer phone numbers remain private. Access to a computer and computer literacy is required in order to create a report of the calls received. Virtual training is provided.


Drivers pick up food from our food pantry and deliver it to the clients at home. Food is usually delivered the next day after it is requested.

Bethesda Help Drivers deliver a 3-day supply of food from Bethesda Help's Food Pantry to needy people in our service area. Most driving is within 20 minutes of downtown Bethesda. Bethesda Help volunteers may serve as a Bethesda Help driver one day a month, or as a reserve driver.

Drivers are scheduled in advance and you can pick your driving day. Training is provided. We also have an ongoing need for drivers who do not have a set day, but are available to serve as substitute or reserve drivers. Volunteers must have access to email, have a valid driver's license and insurance, and attend a short virtual training session.

Continuing Volunteer Opportunity— Food Donations and Food Drives:

The Bethesda Help food pantry is housed in the North Bethesda United Methodist Church on Old Georgetown Road. Here, our volunteer drivers pick up grocery bags of food (a three-day supply for each member of the household) and deliver the food to the client’s home. Bethesda Help aims to maintain a well-stocked food pantry and we rely on food donations from individuals and groups to keep our pantry shelves full.

Foods drives can be organized by just about any group—a school, business, congregation, or other type of service organization. Food drives can be held any time of the year and can target a specific food: a peanut-butter-and-jelly drive at the beginning of the school year, for example, or a canned-soup drive during the winter months.

For a copy of the Food Drive Tool Kit, that describes the steps to hosting a successful food drive, includes sample flyers, a list of stocked items in the Bethesda Help pantry, and information from Mana about food dating, click here: Bethesda Help Food Drive Tool Kit

If you would like to donate food to our pantry or organize a food drive, please refer to our food donation list. For more information on organizing a food drive, or information on delivering food to the pantry, please contact 301-365-2022 or via email at info@bethesdahelp.org.

If you have an idea, skill, or interest that isn't listed here, please let us know! We are always looking for eager volunteers and new ways to serve those in need in our community.