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Food Donation List

                                                                                     BETHESDA HELP

                                                                Food Donation List


Bethesda Help gratefully accepts contributions of the following items, which we stock in our food pantry.

*Please note that we cannot accept items in glass containers*

                                                         ·        Canned tuna or other fish

            ·        Canned meat (chicken)

            ·        Canned beans

            ·        Canned vegetables

            ·        Canned soup

            ·        Rice

            ·        Peanut butter

            ·        Canned fruit

            ·        Pasta

            ·        Pasta Sauce

            ·        Cereal/oatmeal

If you would like to deliver food donations to our pantry, please contact us at info@bethesdahelp.org