eed Help? Call 301-365-2022

STEP 1: Do you live within the Bethesda Help service area?

In order to receive assistance from Bethesda Help, you must live within the Bethesda Help service area. This is an area of      approximately 25 square miles bounded by the District of Columbia on the south; Falls Road, Montrose Road, and Randolph        Road on the north; Veirs Mill Road, Georgia Avenue, and 16th Street on the east; and the Potomac River on the west.

Click here to see a map of the area we serve.

If you live outside of our service area, then you will need to seek help from another agency. Organizations similar to                Bethesda Help are located throughout Montgomery County. Call us and we will be able to refer you to the help agency for your    area.

STEP 2: What type of assistance do I need?

Bethesda Help provides four types of assistance:

1. Financial assistance
We can provide full or partial payment for rent when you have an eviction notice, utility bills (gas, electric, and water)
when your service is about to be cut off,
and prescription medicines when the need for the prescription is verified by a doctor’s visit and you cannot pay the full amount.

2. Emergency food delivery
If you are in need of food, Bethesda Help can deliver to your home a three-day supply of groceries for every member of your household.

3. Referrals to government and nonprofit agencies in Montgomery County
Bethesda Help provides immediate short-term assistance to individuals and families. We cannot offer any of our services for an extended time period. We always refer our clients to other government and nonprofit agencies that may be able to help people over a longer time period.

4. Transportation
Bethesda Help volunteers use their own cars to give rides to doctor and social-service appointments free-of-charge to those who cannot afford cab fare. Please call one week before the date that you need transportation. 
*** Bethesda Help reserves the right to deny transportation to any client for any reason.***

STEP 3: Call Bethesda Help at 301-365-2022.

If you or your family is facing a financial crisis, Bethesda Help may be able to help. Simply call us at 301-365-2022 and leave a    message containing your name and telephone number with our operator. A Bethesda Help volunteer will call you back within a    few hours to discuss your request. Bethesda Help's phone line is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Bethesda Help is closed on major holidays.

Remember: You do not need a referral to use Bethesda Help, but you must live within our service area.

We are here to help — please call!